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Chris Tzalabiras Informs 3KND on Cybersecurity

Chris Tzalabiras studied Business with a Major in HR at Victoria University (2005). Initially he began his early career as a HR administrator within the engineering industry (2007-2011) before transitioning into sales and corporate account managing (2011 - present). He has been involved in corporate IT training since 2019, where he assisted multiple companies and many individuals with training and upskilling requirements. Chris discusses how we can prevent and respond to cyber attacks and why we should get training into cybersecurity. The requirement for trained and certified cyber security professionals in Australia has never been greater. Cyber-crime has become a lucrative business model for criminals, and attacks in Australia have increased by 13% over the past year alone.

The ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report 2021 reveals that Australians fall victim to a cyber-crime every eight minutes. Surprisingly, the usually quiet state of Queensland is targeted most often, with almost a third (30%) of reported cybercrimes, followed by Victoria (29%) and New South Wales (18%). The types of attacks over the past 12 months are particularly concerning. As Australia struggled through lock downs and financial stress, and as we now depend on healthcare like no other time, cyber-crimes related directly to COVID-19 reached 1500 per month. As cyber criminals continually improve on their tactics to launch crippling attacks on both Australian businesses and vulnerable Australians, everyone has a role to play to keep themselves and Australia safe. This Australian Cyber Week (25 – 29 October), Koenig Solutions is calling on Australian businesses to take cyber security seriously.

Being around IT and utilising technology has been a pivotal part of assisting with his work. He has seen how the constantly changing landscape of technology has affected the way we do business, and he appreciates the opportunities it has created not only from a career perspective but also the way it allows us to conduct day-to-day activities in a more flexible and convenient approach. People managing and resourcing for several years, he noticed the importance upskilling, and training provides. It is an important aspect often overlooked and can be utilised as an ongoing phase throughout someone’s career. Not only does the individual benefit but also has a great impact on the business. During his experience in Human Resources, he experienced first-hand that it costs a business more to hire new staff members than it is to invest in training for a particular skill or role.

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