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Christi Chapman Creating Generational Change For Her Family

Christi Chapman is a First Nation woman and student who just graduated from CQUniversity in Brisbane, during her studies she was nominated in the 7News Young Achiever Awards, she was named a semi-finalist. Her Dream is to create generational change for her family. She belongs to the Wakka Wakka people, officially completed her dual Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) as one of three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates. Support and assistance, including tutoring from CQUniversity’s Indigenous Student Engagement team helped to keep Christi on track with her studies.

She said "Her motivation to study at CQUniversity was to better herself and the next generations of First Nations people. I know everyone has their own path but mine took a little longer to get there. My biggest motivation to study was to create the generational change within my family. I wanted to set an example for my nephews and nieces that tertiary studies are achievable"

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