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Christine Anu's Big Night In with Arts Centre Melbourne

Christine Anu is Australia's premier urban-style pop singer. She was born in 1970 in Cairns, Queensland. Her mother's people were from Saibai Island, just off the south coast of Papua New Guinea. Her father came from Mabuiag Island, closer to the center of Torres Strait. Christine yarns with Gman on 3KND. The family had found its way to Queensland decades earlier. Christine Anu's connection with her family heritage was the times her father pulled out his guitar, put down the mats on the veranda of the family home, and encouraged a family singalong, singing island songs.

Otherwise, Christine Anu grew up like any other child in Cairns. She watched television and longed to sing on TV. But it was as a dancer that Anu first came to prominence. Studying dance meant a move away from her family in Cairns to inner-city Sydney. Her singing career started as a backup vocalist for songwriter Neil Murray's group the Rainmakers for a year. Australian Murray had formed and spent years with the seminal Aboriginal rock group, the Warumpi Band. Because the show must go on, Arts Centre Melbourne joined up with John Foreman's Aussie Pops Orchestra to bring artists and musicians together virtually. Episode 4 features Christine and Zoy Frangos this Wednesday 30th 7pm.

The spectacular new musical entertainment show gives Australian performers a platform to connect with you all, until we can join them in person once again. Each episode will bring chit-chat, songs, laughs, and a grand finale music act with full symphonic sound by the Aussie Pops Orchestra.

While you’re here, consider making a donation to support performing arts workers through the COVID-19 crisis: • The Arts Wellbeing Collective - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To continue to share in the wonder of the performing arts, visit:


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