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Collective Executive: A True Sense Of Sharing And Coming Together.

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

by Samantha Alexis Laughton, Treaty Correspondent

Photo by Natasha Ferre Bentley

Co Chairs of the First Peoples' Assembly Geraldine Atkinson and Marcus Stewart (centre left to right). Joined by the Collective Executive (pictured left to right Jamie Lowe, Reuben Berg, Ngarra Murray, Trent Nelson, Troy McDonald, Tracey Evans and Melissa Jones; sworn in by the other 35 Members during a mid afternoon election yesterday at the very first, official meeting of the First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria.

There was a true sense of community, sharing and coming together as the official proceedings of Day 1 of the inaugural meeting of the First Peoples' Assembly concluded yesterday evening at Parliament House.

Emotional and raw, 3KND was on the scene to capture real and heart felt moments of those that have partaken in the momentum and building up of Treaty until this point and the undeniable determination and excitement of the new First Peoples' Assembly. Their newly elected Chairs and Executives now armed with the task to take charge and go forward. A momentous and historical day for All.

Photo by Natasha Ferre Bentley

Have a listen to the thoughts and voices of your First Peoples' Assembly during this historic, momentous event!


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