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CONVERGE 2021 Comes To An End After Celebrating Koori Mail's 30th Year Anniversary

As CONVERGE comes to an end, here is a recap of all that has happened, CONVERGE 2021 commenced with a smoking ceremony by Uncle Gilbert Laurie and Ashley Moran followed with the welcome to country by Aunty Tracey King, Uncle Johnny Reggie King and Aunty Irene Harrington… MC was legendary Actor performer Luke Carole who didn’t disappoint with his engagement of the audience.

The nights entertainment were young Lennox Monaghan playing Yidaki followed by the divine Emma Donovan.

On Day two at CONVERGE 2021 in Lismore the day was full of knowledge sharing, truth telling and engagement. Mob mixed with mob and the day flowed with ears open and with an enthusiastic embrace that concluded with great country music and fine food.

CONVERGE 2021 comes to a close with First Nations Media from around the Country. Lismore is a beautiful town and the local mob Bundjalung are kind, embracing and welcoming. This media gathering was the first in two years with workshops, truth telling and content sharing a big feature.

The talent in our sector showed and with fires, floods and an International PANDEMIC we showed how resilient our sector is. Congratulations to Koori Mail on 30 years including sponsors and partners making CONVERGE a big success. First Nation's Media you shone with bringing it all together and lastly our fellow broadcasters, managers and boards who many times fight the silent fight for a voice for all. RESPECT.


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