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Councillor for Darebin Council Steph Amir

Steph Amir is a Preston local and councillor with Darebin Council. Steph loves Darebin as it has a multicultural society, diverse range of people, and thriving art scene which contribute to a lively and unique community. Steph spoke to Gman about the honour of serving on council and the work Darebin council are performing in this COVID-19 space.

Holding bachelor's degrees in science (ecology and zoology) and arts (criminology and sociology), Steph has a wide and varied professional history, including her work in research as both a zoologist and social scientist, in science communication, and in the not-for-profit sector, working with young people to gain transferable skills and lead social change in their communities. Steph is committed to contributing to social inclusion and promoting the diversity of local communities. ”I'm proud of my multicultural heritage. I care about making Darebin as fair and inclusive as it can be and I stand for open and transparent local government.”


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