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Cronin Family ask you to be Wise this Summer and STOP the Coward Punch.

Pat Cronin Foundation honours Pat by providing an optimistic voice to awareness, education and research about the coward punch. The Pat Cronin Foundation is dedicated to helping people feel empowered to make change through wise decisions.

Matt Cronin is Pat’s Father and dedicates most of his day’s now, raising awareness and educating in the devastating effects of the coward punch in his son’s honour. To discuss the importance of the Cronin Foundations work and this summer’s campaign, Matt Cronin joins us on Standing Strong Together.

With Christmas break, Summer holidays, New Years Eve and lots of parties and celebrations coming up, it is more important now than ever to Be Wise.⁠

Our 'Let's make the new normal a better one' campaign couldn't have been released at a more perfect time! You will find our posters and coasters with this image on them in over 160 pubs and clubs in Melbourne and Victoria. ⁠

We ask that while everyone is enjoying themselves, to...⁠

Be Wise. Think Carefully. Act Kindly⁠


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