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Culture Fire Strategy: Rodney Carter

Treaty Correspondent Samantha Alexis revisits this topic today, having some of the questions raised in previous weeks’ answered by an expert in Cultural Burning and Fire Strategy – CEO of Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation, Rodney Carter. Rodney was involved in the establishment of the newly launched Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Fire Strategy is highly experienced in the fields of sustainable development, environmental issues, biodiversity and fire prevention/management. The matter of Cultural Burning and Caring For Country through the aspect or guise of Treaty is explored and if, in fact, having Treaties will enable us to have greater Rights to practice such important custodianship as fire prevention in this Country. Rodney briefly reflects on his candidacy for the North West during the election of the First Peoples’ Assembly. Alongside fire strategy, his extensive experience in native title, self determination, conflict resolution, social services and Government, gave an insight on the matter of Treaty within the context of Cultural Fire and the current crisis. Although a grave topic at this time, it was a good yarn. (Picture: The Canberra Times).


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