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Culture Fire: The Strategic Burn by Samantha Alexis

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

From all of us here, our thoughts go out to everyone effected by the fires. This week on Balit Dhumba - Strong Talk, Samantha Alexis acknowledges the importance of cultural fire strategies and Caring for Country, what we currently have in place, in Victoria for the on-going management and prevention of fire; what the main purpose of cultural burning strategies aim to fulfill; what some of thosse strategies are; why they are more effective on Country; how our Mob do it differently that proves so effective and whether/how having Treaties in place, gives us greater cultural Rights to conduct such practices, not just in Victoria but potentially throughout all States and Territories...

(Picture: by Rafe Pfitzner, sourced at Have a listen... (Excuse the couple of technical glitches. Sam)


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