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Daen Sansbury Smith Production Manager for SharingStories

Daen Sansbury Smith of the Narungga (SA) and Trawoolwaway (TAS) nations is the Victorian Production Manager for SharingStories Foundation based in Melbourne. Daen has a background in audio engineering and content production, for many years he has participated in the creation and sharing of artistic content across a range of media nationally. Daen Yarns with Gman on Big Brekkie.

As SharingStories' Victorian Production Manager Daen has managed the relationship and production of content with several Victorian Aboriginal communities. He has been involved in delivering Professional Development workshops to teachers with a focus on how to respectfully utilise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and resources in the classroom. Daen has worked and collaborated with language speakers and linguists to ensure that multiple stories recorded and interpreted as part of SharingStories Digital Storytelling Programs are available in their language of origin.

He has trained in the use of Hype and iBook’s author and is responsible for collating community produced content in easily accessible, interactive, bilingual multi-touch books. Additionally, Daen is skilled in audio editing and mixing and has worked as an audio facilitator on several SharingStories' Digital Storytelling Programs with partner communities across Australia. Daen, has partnered with many communities on digital storytelling programs including the Dunggula: The Murray River multi-touch book said community leaders and Elders readily embrace the use of new technology to reinterpret creation stories in order to continue and maintain their cultural identity.


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