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Dardi Munwurrow supporting mob through COVID 19 with CEO Allan Thorpe

Dardi Munwurro delivers a range of family violence, healing and behaviour change programs and services, to break the cycle of inter-generational trauma in Aboriginal families and communities, by empowering and inspiring individuals to heal the past, acknowledge the present and create a positive vision for the future.

Dardi Munwurro was established in 2000 to provide group leadership training programs in Family Violence, specifically tailored to Aboriginal men and youth. Their programs were designed to assist Aboriginal men and youth in identifying their emotions and personal strengths, and in doing so, discover their own responsibility.

Through the COVID 19 Pandemic, Dardi have been able to successfully get their groups and yarning circles up on line and are trying to continue to support community through this difficult time.

Now with a 24 help line dedicated for mob by mob, Dardi are hoping to be an integral part of supporting community through these difficult times

CEO of Dardi Munwurrow Allan Thorpe joins me for this special presentation on how Dardi are working in the front line in Victoria. From Family Violence, Drug and alcohol, Trauma, anxiety and suicide are tackling some of the biggest issues with the support of Elders and each other. Here is part one of this special interview


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