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Darlinghurst Perform Live On Big Brekkie

What has happened to this amazing Aussie band called “Darlinghurst”...well everything has in 2019. They have worked hard over the last few years and have established themselves as a country pop band. They spoke to Gman on 3KND BIG Brekkie.

Jason Resch is the guitarist, singer and songwriter along with singers, songwriters Cassie Leopold and Pagan Newman plus deadly guitarist Matt Darvidis...but they are more than a band they are mates, musicians and all talented in there own right. If you love a unique country pop sound lock this band into your wish list for 2020.

Darlinghurst is on a wave of freshness in this space called Country. Checkout these dates below for there Tamworth gigs.

18th January - Toyota Fanzone Stage (1.20pm) 20th January - Rebel Country Showcase - Albert Hotel (5.00pm) 21st January - Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar (7.00pm) 23rd January - The Albert Hotel (8.00pm) 23rd January - Moonshiners Honky Tonk Bar (3.00pm) 23rd January - Live & Loud Toyota Park (7.00pm)


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