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Dave Murphy discusses how Australians chewed through their during the Pandemic

Dave Murphy is the Head of Brand Strategy, Creative & Communications at Amaysim. He has worked in-house and agency side in Sydney, New York City and Amsterdam with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Volkswagen, Heineken,, Google, Unilever, Comcast, Tourism Australia and Droga5. In Amsterdam, Dave led global brand strategy for Booking Home (the fastest growing division of, developing a compelling brand strategy to compete directly with Airbnb. Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, smartphones have become an entertainment lifeline and an essential tool to stay connected with loved ones across the country and around the world. Australians chewed through their data as a result of the pandemic, with huge increases across usage in all Aussie states and territories.

Australians’ usage on smartphones has increased by a staggering 146% on average, with the highest data usage increase at a whopping 213% in Tasmania. Interestingly, the data from amaysim reveals that even though our fellow New South Welshmen and Victorians have experienced lockdowns longer and more frequently than the rest of the country, they recorded the lowest amounts of data usage increases of 138% and 129% respectively. The research found that having a chat on the blower is still as popular as ever. In fact, it seems our Tasmanian friends have the gift of the gab with a 30% increase in phone calls made during the pandemic. While South Australians are the most likely to shoot you a text, with the highest percentage increase in SMS usage in the country at 25%.


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