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Day Two At CONVERGE Full Of Knowledge And Sharing

After the opening day of CONVERGE 2021 which commenced with a smoking ceremony by Uncle Gilbert Laurie and Ashley Moran and followed with the welcome to country by Aunty Tracey King, Uncle Johnny Reggie King and Aunty Irene Harrington. Legendary Actor and performer Luke Carole was the MC and he did not disappoint with his engagement of the audience.

3KND/FAME Chairperson Grant Hansen with FAME Board member Jodii Geddes and General Manger of 3KND Gman are attending CONVERGE on the lands of the Widjabul people of the Bundjalung nation.

We kicked off Day two at CONVERGE 2021 in Lismore and it was full of knowledge sharing, truth telling and engagement. Mob mixed with mob and the day flowed with ears open and with an enthusiastic embrace that concluded with great country music and fine food.

Lismore and its surrounding villages is Country to the Widjabul people of the Bundjalung nation, a living culture with continuous connection to place. Widjabul Country is steeped in the tradition of Ngathang Garr, ancestral beings whose movements, travels and events are etched in the landscape and rivers of this ancient land.

The Wilsons River that runs through the heart of Lismore is the lifeblood of Widjabul Country, supporting ecosystems that have evolved over thousands of years. The river is sacred to the Widjabul who view it as an old friend – always there in times of need with sources of nourishment to feed and look after the people. Through this relationship, the river is seen as an important gathering place where shared learning takes place.


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