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Deadly Funny, Workshop and Show

2024 Deadly Funny Workshop and Show - Melbourne/Naarm

CALLING ALL FIRST NATIONS COMEDIANS AND STORYTELLERS... Get behind the mic and bring your very own Deadly Funny to the stage! Registrations now open! Deadly Funny is bigger, brighter and deadlier, with a heat in 20+ communities around Australia and a massive $11,000 of prize money to be shared across the competition. This is your chance to captivate audiences with your unique perspective and deadly humour. Embrace the spotlight, share your stories and make the mob laugh across the nation. All you need is five minutes of hilarious material. Whether it's stand-up, musical, sketch, physical/dance, character-based, or simply sharing a funny yarn, the stage is yours. You can take part as an individual, duo, or even a trio and will be given an opportunity to sit with a seasoned professional comedian in a two-hour workshop to help refine your ideas and then unleash your talent in onstage. Now in its 18th year, Deadly Funny has propelled stars like Steph Tisdell, Kevin Kropinyeri, Andy Saunders, Janty Blair, Shiralee Hood, Dane Simpson, Elaine Crombie, Jay Wymarra, Leon Filewood, and Sean Choolburra to great heights, both as participants and mentors. You could be the next comedy sensation! Need more motivation? All state and territory winners will receive a $1000 cash prize, and will be flown to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2024 for the Deadly Funny National Grand Final where you will compete for the Deadly Funny crown and a $3,000 cash prize! Stand up, get behind the microphone and bring your very own Deadly Funny to the stage! You may also like the following events from Deadly Funny:

  • Next month, 25th November, 06:15 pm, 2024 Deadly Funny Workshop and Show - Warrane/Djubuguli/Cadi/Sydney in Marrickville

  • Happening on, 7th February, 01:30 pm, 2024 Deadly Funny Workshop and Show - Boorloo / Perth in Fremantle


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