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DJ Melly Mel & Kidd Benny Visits 3KND's Studios

Wollongong based DJ Melly Mel is One of Australia's premier Indigenous DJs bringing all that Old Skool Flava, Reggae, Hip Hop and RnB. DJ Melly Mel has toured not only in Australia but overseas supporting artists like Ty Dolla Sign. Kidd Benny is a young upcoming Indigenous Australian DJ. Kidd Benny can rock any venue and gig with any genre, but specialises in all urban anthems which includes R&B, Hip Hop, Island Reggae and much more. Kidd Benny is renowned for his old school turntable trickery and his R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae Club Video Sets. Many big artists in the industry are fast becoming Kidd Benny fans just because he takes smart risks and understands diverse crowds.

DJ Melly Mel and Kidd Benny chat about their upcoming gigs and how it's been during lockdown with Hayley MAC.


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