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'Dreaming' A Journey Of Discovery for Royston Noell.

Royston Noell is a proud Thanakwithi and Badu Island man from the remote Queensland community of Old Mapoon, near Weipa on the Cape York Peninsula. Royston, was only a young boy when his music teacher ignited his passion for music; since that day, he’s carried the magic of music with him, and with it has left an indelible mark on everyone he inspires as he strives to make his dreams come true.

The concept and lyrics of Dreaming hark back to a major crossroad in Royston’s life, making the choice to go out on his own to pursue his lifelong dream of a career in music, or remain home within the comfort and support of his close-knit community and family. Dreaming captures the challenge of stepping away from what you know, daring to dream big, and navigating a life lived between two different worlds.

Royston Noell's latest single, Dreaming, boasts a blend of rhythmic keys, echoing a subtle heartbeat, setting the stage for his compelling vocals. This new single delves into a pivotal moment for Noell, Australian Idol's 2023 winner, after a 14-year hiatus.

The instrumentation on the track gradually crescendos and peaks with an assertive dance-pop beat introducing the song's memorable chorus. It reflects on a crucial crossroad post-Year 12 when he grappled with the decision to pursue his musical dream in the city or stay home to care for his mother diagnosed with brain cancer.

"I feel like this is the perfect time to release a song like this, a summer a song," Royston told National Indigenous Times. "It's such a personal song, but it's also fun; you can still have a dance to it. To really get the gist of what it means you have to listen carefully to the lyrics, which I think is pretty cool as well.

"I asked Mum if she wanted me to stay back a year and help out, 'cause she was starting to get really sick and my brother was her carer at the time, but she insisted, 'No, I want you to go out and follow your dreams.'"

Dreaming opens with keys that evoke a gentle fluttering heartbeat, rolling out the carpet for this proud Thanakwith and Wagadagam man’s sublime, soul-stirring vocals.

Instrumentation slowly builds, like confidence gained through realizing you’re on the right path, until an insistent beat ushers in the exultant, danceable chorus. Towards the end, rolling snares underscore the breakdown, building the anticipation for Royston’s awe-inspiring climactic powernote, “Don’t wanna wake up dreaming!”

The Thanakwith and Wagadagam man acknowledges the difficulty of leaving Mapoon, a remote Indigenous community in Far North Queensland with about 400 residents, describing the move as "challenging".

"Leaving your cultural identity and way of living, and life, to go and live in an urban environment is like navigating two different worlds," he said.

Royston also notes the support he has received from the mob has come in abundance and continues to inspire him.

"Everybody has been so supportive, true god. They all recognise me for what I've done, which is really lovely," he said.

"Especially the younger generation, knowing that Im helping them through their journey's and letting them know they can do that as well."

Two years after his move to the city, Royston experienced the heartbreaking loss of his mother. Despite the sorrow, he finds strength in knowing she wholeheartedly backed his decision, always urging him to share his musical gift widely.

"I think she'd be really proud, actually. I know she's always with me," he said. "When I was on Australian Idol, I always asked her to protect me and make sure everything went well."

Royston's impactful new single is a source of inspiration, resonating both lyrically and sonically, mirroring his own uplifting spirit.

Recently, Royston returned from the U.S where he had the opportunity to work with industry acclaimed talents to refine his songwriting skills for future releases and reflected positively on the experience.

Produced by Chris Chidiac, rolling snares highlight the breakdown, providing listeners with a moment to prepare for Royston's, climactic powernote: "Don't wanna wake up dreamiiiiing!"

"I feel really excited and I'm keen to continue on this inspirational journey. There's so much I wanna give, and no dream is too big," he said.

Celebrating how far Royston Noell has already come from his remote hometown on the tip of Cape York to the inaugural winner of Australian Idol’s 2023 return, Dreaming is a powerful new single that inspires and uplifts; much like this very special artist himself.


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