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End Celebration Of FUSE Festival Is Done With An Out Of The Park Picnic

Darebin City Council invited friends, family, and community to Out of the Park Picnic presented by MAV and FUSE today celebrating 100yrs of Edwardes Lake Park and Multicultural Identities.

The day started with Uncle Bill Nicholson performing Welcome to Country followed by a smoking ceremony inviting all to embrace the smoke , which they did.

The event was hosted by Queen Acknowledgements and curated by Neda Rahmani, with site enhancements by Neisha. To have a professional team connecting artists and events on the fly was exactly what took place with this event…Well done.

Out of the Park Picnic featured music royalty, including Kylie Auldist, Melbourne’s high priestess of soul; Kwame Tosuma, dynamic KTD Dance Energy Happiness instructor; Tina Demelo, dancer and choreographer; Maya Vice, DJ-in-Residence; and electric-chill trio Belove.

REZZA and surrounding suburbs of Darebin turned out bringing family and friends to celebrate this 100year milestone and didn’t leave disappointed. Congratulations to all involved… community needed this after a long 2years. 3KND was proud to be the media partner and able to broadcast live to air this celebration.

Out of the Park Picnic shined a light on local talent with origins in East Timor, Brazil, Ghana, Turkey, and much more.


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