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Final Day For Specialist Journalist And Broadcaster Natasha Ferre

It was the final day in the office for Specialist Journalist / Broadcaster Natasha Ferre. Natasha joined 3KND in 2019 from an amazing career in main stream media. Her joyful spirit and enthusiastic nature endeared her to not only her work colleagues but community far and wide.

Natasha has been part of an amazing show that engaged our listeners through “Standing Strong Together”, a show discussing family violence, suicide prevention, mental health and much more.

The board of First Australians Media Enterprises (FAME) and Staff of Radio 3KND wish Natasha all the best for the future and thank her for being a part of our family.

Natasha has worked in many areas of media for over 25 years, specialising in content creation, presenting and reporting,

Producing and directing broadcast quality content for TV, film, Radio, VOD, Web, Radio and Brands.

She has collaborated with a countless number of experts, celebrities, production houses and networks and created content for TV networks in Australia, USA, Canada, India and Asia markets.

Some shows distributed in over 200 countries with an audience of 100 million viewers. Natasha has carved a space within media as a specialist storyteller creating high quality, heartfelt and compassionate content.

With a very strong connection to Australia’s first nations people having family in Alice Springs, Natasha was recently invited to Direct and Produce a documentary for First Nations Media on their 20th Remote Media festival on Thursday Island.

An ambassador for LIFELINE for 10 years and working with organisations such as Spiritual Care Australia, Natasha has a deep care and passion for empowering people through the power of storytelling and reporting in the Media. She is very excited to be bringing her many skills to a topic that is very close to her heart in the ‘Standing’ Strong Together’ project,

Prevention of the Cycle Violence Aboriginal Fund for radio 3KND. Natasha looks forward to helping making a change and end the cycle of family violence through reporting on the stories, The people, the organisations, the support and the services that are available and making a difference to family violence within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities.


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