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First Nations Foundation Relaunches My Money Dream Program for Indigenous Youth

Jordy Dwyer a Wiradjuri man, grew up in Central West NSW with family connections to the Bathurst and Wellington areas. As a Community Engagement and Projects Officer for First Nations Foundation, his aim is to give our mob across the country the opportunity to improve their financial wellbeing. Jordy has AN extensive history within community services, program management, and mentoring through sport.

Larisha Jerome is a Jarowair, Wakka Wakka & Wulli Wulli woman with strong family ties to South East Queensland. With a strong connection growing up on Wiradjuri country in Western Sydney. First Nations Foundation Community Engagement and Project Officer. Her aim is to redress the economic injustice that Indigenous women face and to empower women to achieve Financial Wellness and Economic Independence. Larisha has an extensive background working in Banking, Health and Government (Indigenous Affairs) and Non-for-Profit sector (Women’s Health & Women’s Community Legal Service in the Financial Abuse Prevention Unit.) Larisha and Jordy both join On Track to talk about the relaunch of My Money Dream project.

Australia’s leading Indigenous financial literacy organisation, First Nations Foundation has relaunched its award-winning online financial literacy training program, My Money Dream, delivering culturally-appropriate, contemporary education that empowers Indigenous Australians to take control of their financial future. With a holistic approach to training, First Nations Foundation CEO Phil Usher said the program guides participants through debt reduction strategies and provides a robust framework for budgeting and building savings effectively.

“Financial education can be a dry topic and sometimes hard to get people excited about. We’ve spent a great deal of time enhancing the user journey and improving the overall aesthetic for a superior user experience to grow the course take-ups and completion rates,” said Phil. “Not long after joining, people will feel empowered to make great financial decisions. The training even includes scripts to ask for a better deal from banks or utilities providers - right the way through to getting into the housing market and investing.” “The revamped first module, Culture and the Economy is something we’re really excited to be launching. It’s deeply personal and something that users are finding as a breakthrough moment that allows them to understand their own culture, the intersection of capitalism and the historical context of our people alongside this - ultimately assisting to remove feelings of shame.”


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