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The Hon Ged Kearney MP returns to the 3KND network and has a chat with Gman.

Nurse. Unionist. Grandma and now Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care the Hon Ged Kearney … her parents were the publicans at the Lord Raglan for over 35 years where her mum and dad worked hard.

Ged was educated by nuns at the Academy of Mary Immaculate - ''commonly known as 'the Academy''' - in Fitzroy. ''Like every young Catholic girl, at the age of nine or 10, I quite liked the idea of being a nun,'' she says, ''mostly because you got to wear the veils.''

Since March 2018 The Hon Ged Kearney MP has represented the people of Cooper as the first women to hold the seat and the first Victorian nurse elected to the Federal Parliament.

Minister Kearney spoke to Gman on the Brekkie Show about projects for 2023, the Voice Referendum, what’s been delivered for Victorian Aboriginal mob, and what’s going on locally for Cooper including women’s health plus much more.


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