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Gerry 'Gman" Lyons - Covid-19 " A Child's Journey "

We chat with Gman on the journey of navigating Covid-19 with his daughter.

Gerry Terati Lyons aka The Gman has been in the broadcasting sector for over 30 years including 16 years at CAAMA Radio in Alice Springs and 7 years as the Station Manager.

He has been the General Manager at 3KnD-Kool n Deadly since March 2017. During this time

Gerry (GMAN) is well regarded in the sector as an energetic and community-minded leader who built relationships across all sections of the country. He is an Indigenous man from Aotearoa,

Gerry has strong relationships in Indigenous communities in Australia and has built a huge following as an on-air presence in Central Australia and Victoria through hosting the breakfast show. Gman has strong leadership abilities and embraces community on all levels.

Gerry “ Gman” has also been the recipient of many award nominations, finalist and a winner. Some of those being

• the winner of the CBAA ( Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) Station Leadership Award – 2019 , 2018 finalist, 2021 finalist

• Alice Springs Centralian Citizen of the Year in 2016

• awarded Paul Harris Fellowship Award from the Rotary Club of Preston Australia for his great contribution to the Preston club and beyond.


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