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Ghanian-Australian artist Akosia talks to Lorena on the 3KND.

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Akosia is a Melbourne based musician pushing boundaries and expressing her creative self to give empowerment and freedom to those who listen to her music. She once worked as an electrical engineer but her musical background gave her inspiration to follow her heart and create music that connects on a deeper level.

She is a proud Ghanian women, but she explains that growing up in Melbourne she was exposed to different types of music and experiences that help form her expression of who she is giving her the opportunity to connect with others.

Akosia explains that her father had a wide range of music, playing artists like Miles Davis while her mother would play music from back home. One thing that is apparent is that Akosia is giving life through her music but also if you have seen her music video's they are stunningly captured. She really delves into her storytelling through the lens singing songs about love, life and loss.

She is not an artist to be confined to one genre but can easily shift through genres depending on what type of energy or feeling she maybe creating weather that be writing or putting together a few beats in her head it's all a creative process.

Akosia released her debut single Don't Say in 2020 and since then has really been on the grind songwriting, performing, travelling, directing and collaborating and releasing more music. Some of her songs include Better, ISO, Help Me and The Weekend just to name a few.

You can find Akosia's music on all music platforms and follow her on social media.


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