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Going Down In History: The First Gathering of the First Peoples' Assembly.

An emotional and raw day for all, Balit Dhumba – Strong Talk and the 3KND Team was there to bring you an inside glimpse of this historical and momentous gathering; and provide the community with a live simulcast of the event from the Upper House Chambers of Parliament in Victoria on Tuesday 10th December. The excitement, enthusiasm and determination in the room was unmistakable. There was a true sense of community and coming together as the official proceedings concluded on the rooftop of Parliament during the Press Conference with the newly appointed Directors’ Board, including two Co Chairs Marcus Stewart and Geraldine Atkinson, along with the Collective Executive in Jamie Lowe, Reuben Berg, Ngarra Murray, Trent Nelson, Troy McDonald, Tracey Evans and Melissa Jones. In the latest edition of Balit Dhumba – Strong Talk, Samantha Alexis introduces listeners to the new Directors’ Board, where we hear the first official addresses and nomination speeches of each member of the Board, who are now charged with the responsibility of officially representing the First Peoples’ Assembly and all its’ members.


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