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Hayden Heta

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hayden Heta is an amazing man from the Wiradjuri Nation and a current board member of First Australians Media Enterprises (FAME) which overseas KoolNDeadly Radio 3KND. Hayden recently embarked on a career change that took him to his new role as Managing Director of Wamarra a quality construction Company that engages projects while strengthening Aboriginal participation, engagement and employment outcomes now and in the future.

They are an Aboriginal owned and operated Victorian-based civil contractor, aligning with construction company Civilex to learn from and utilise the company’s diverse resources to deliver quality project outcomes in any construction environment.

Hayden has an extensive amount of experience that affords him valuable insight and expertise into the barriers and achievements of Aboriginal employment and participation. This experience has fuelled his passion for exploring and realising opportunities for Aboriginal people.With 15 years’ in the public sector, Hayden has worked and consulted widely with Victorian Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities providing both employment opportunities and economic participation.Hayden’s career started as a Park Ranger with Parks Victoria, eventually moving into the role of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Coordinator for the Melbourne region. His previous roles have included:Aboriginal Inclusion Coordinator, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Aboriginal Community Development Broker, Aboriginal Victoria’s North and East Metro Region.

Cultural Heritage and Stakeholder Manager, Rail Projects Victoria. It was through conversations with friends that brought Hayden Heta and civil infrastructure company @Civilexvic together and it is conversations that continue to fuel Hayden’s purpose - Wamarra.The Wamarra partnership with Civilex was created out of a mutual vision and passion for providing meaningful careers for Aboriginal people.Visit our website and learn more about the Wamarra-Civilex partnership. is a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘to build’


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