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HEADSPACE and how they are helping young mob around Australia

Since its first inception in 2006 Headspace delivers support to young people aged from 12 to 25 years to reduce the impact of depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol and drug use, and to improve relationship issues associated with sexuality, sexual health, families, and bullying. Young people and their families can get support at a Headspace centre as well as online and telephone support service, eheadspace. Many hospitals, especially in metropolitan areas, refer patients that are not a current threat to themselves or others to headspace for longer-term mental health care.

Nathan Bramston is a proud Wonnarua man. Nathan currently works for headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation as the National Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Practice and Engagement. He provides specialist advice and support across all headspace program areas and services to improve and develop innovative, culturally informed approaches to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

Nathan is inspired particularly by the energy, resilience and strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and is passionate about improving the health, well being and connections of our youth.


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