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Hon Ged Kearney Updates 3KND

Hon Ged Kearney has been a member of the House of Representatives since March 2018, representing the Division of Cooper for the Labor Party. Ged gives an update to the listeners on 3KND about...No parliament in Canberra...Lockdown in Cooper..Message to listeners...Good news.

I’m Ged, your MP for Cooper. I represent all who live in our diverse and welcoming community. Together with the Labor team, I'm working to deliver a fairer future for our community and for Australia. As your Federal MP I’m here to help you in whatever way I can. Since being elected, I have been listening to what’s important to you. You might have seen me at community events, at your train station or local shops, hearing from you about the issues that matter. I’m fighting for better kindy and schools, affordable and accessible health services, urgent action to tackle climate, secure jobs with decent pay and a humane refugee policy. With your support, we can make Cooper, and hopefully Australia, even better.


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