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How Aunty Bronwyn's weaving is helping mob through very difficult times

Wayapawarr Watnanda Marangee means 'we all come together in a meeting', in Gunditjmara language and is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and an antidote, representing Resilience, Empowerment and Transformation.

As Melbourne enters its second lockdown and we cannot come together physically, this amazing project joins community members across all ages, genders and abilities who find themselves in self-isolation, via the ancient art of weaving.

The Wayapawarr project invites you to learn a traditional weaving technique, weave circular 'meeting places' and decorate your home, garden or public spaces with your woven creations. They invite everyone to engage their hands and hearts, and to be part of creating a giant tapestry of woven circles to show our resilience, feel empowered and bring about personal transformation in this time of insecurity and anxiety.

Aunty Bronwyn Razen is a proud Gunditjmara Elder Artist & Master Weaver Aunty Bronwyn's trademark is a great big hug and she will embrace you with her warmth and humour during this wonderful online weaving circle. Aunty Bronwyn join us on Standing Strong Together to share her wisdom, the history of ancient weaving and how it supported mob many years ago and how it is helping mob now.


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