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How will VACCA's new program help Aboriginal Families stay together

Recently VACCA was the recipient of a major innovation grant to support self-determination in Aboriginal women raising their babies at home. The aim over the three years the funding will help VACCA work with young Aboriginal mothers to reduce the likelihood of children entering the state’s protection and care system.

This grant was made possible with the generous support of the funders who, along with Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare are working with our team to deliver this important work: Equity Trustees - The David Taylor Galt Charitable Trust, Australian Communities Foundation – EM Horton Family Fund, Gandel Philanthropy, Jack Brockhoff Foundation, Sidney Myer Fund and William Buckland Foundation. In this podcast Natasha Ferre caught up with VACCA CEO Muriel Bamblett to hear how Vacca are supporting mob through the COVID pandemic lock 2.0 and learn more about this new initiative


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