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Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP)

Marathon Legend Rob De Castella created and developed the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) in 2009. In 2010 four Indigenous Australians created history as the first to run in the world’s biggest marathon – the New York City Marathon. Melbourne’s very own Sianna Catullo have joined the mob in Alice Springs for a 30k run. Sianna is a team member with Spark Health as the Project Officer.

The IMP has grown significantly with 86 graduates finishing a major international marathon, including New York, Boston, Tokyo, London, Paris and Berlin, and completing an education component with a Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation delivered by AFL Sports Ready.

Every year at this time, since 2010, we gather a group of young inspiring Indigenous change agents to give them an opportunity of a lifetime.

Run 30k, finish IMP Education, show us you’re ready to run the NYC marathon in 6 weeks, & make a difference.

It’s not easy, few try, fewer succeed. But those that do, go forward with us, side by side, always forward for a better future. Self, family, community & country.


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