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Isaac Muller is training at 3KND

Isaac Muller Is a proud Palawa and Wiradjuri man with a strong physical and spiritual connection to Wurundjeri country. He is currently studying Media and Communications with a major in Industry’s at La Trobe’s University’s Bundoora Campus. Isaac is currently undertaking training with Program Manager Arthur Jackson at 3KND so watch this space.

My life journey began with me wanting to strengthen my identity (as I will always continue doing so) however once I gained my cultural confidence I joined the Koorie Youth Council to get a voice in community and now I am at the stage where I want to speak out which is why I am so driven to join your family. The history incorporated in the studio and the individual team members is what I thrive off. I see your determination in winning awards in myself and I want to be part of your next chapter, I want to be part of the growing process and I want a louder voice in advocating and sharing our people’s achievements and struggles.


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