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Jack Gregory Sits Down With 3KND At Tamworth

Being in Tamworth gives us the opportunity to meet some amazing people and artists and this week we were struck by just how talented this young man is, his name is Jack Gregory a singer songwriter and guitarist he has a dream to become a country music star.

Jack is 12 years old and has been busking off the famous Peel Street he writes his own songs as well as singing his favourite country tunes. So far this young man attended his Music Idol James Johnstons concert while here in Tamworth which we think has just given him inspiration.

Jack mentioned that one of his biggest supporters was his Grandfather Corryong local legend ‘Pop’ Greg Wilson who he said signed his guitar before his passing.

He has two songs called ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Fishing from Heaven’ that he performed for us. Thank you Jack for joining us and we know we will see you at the next Tamworth Country Music Festival.


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