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James Henry - Project “Under The Hood” With Collingwood College Student’s

James Henry has been working as a photographer since the start of 2010. Starting out by working alongside his job as an event’s organiser and musician, he made the transition across to shooting events quite easily and had a lot of clients keen to work with him in his new field.

James has tried his hand at various disciplines from travel landscapes and cityscapes to fashion for his own personal projects. This has given him skills to take into the world of portrait photography for which he has been in demand across the state and across the country.

James joins us here on Big Brekky to yarn about the Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF).

Being a part of the Aboriginal community in Melbourne, James has been widely used with regular high-profile clients and small businesses. This is due to his reputation for quality and punctuality, but also for his cultural sensitivity and familiarity in the community. Having worked across the country in Aboriginal urban, rural and remote communities this understanding and respect for culture extends far beyond his home of Melbourne.

James' work at Gertrude Street Projection Festival:

'Under the Hood' is a Portrait Photography project led by Artist James Henry with participating year 6 and 8 students.

Through this project the students learnt technical photography skills exploring light, composition, image making, subjective and objective positions and storytelling. The students were invited to collaborate with AI through transposing their images in an imaginary world of their choosing.

'Under the Hood' is also the artists attempt for the young people to project their identities through the fading art of paste ups and poster making, that reclaims the increasingly gentrified locality they call home. Reclaiming control over the images they consume as they engage with their immediate neighbour-hood.

The results of this projects will be shown as large posters along Gertrude Street in partnership with Plakkit.

The iconic Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF) returns for its 15th year in 2023, weaving together community, art, public spaces, night and sublime light installations for everyone to enjoy for free. For ten nights from July 27 – August 6, audiences will be invited to experience a confluence of projections by 11 of the Festival’s artists-in-residence, alongside community and collaborative projects, events, parties, talks and screenings. Proudly presented by The Centre for Projection Art the Festival will again illuminate street facing windows and walls of public and private spaces in Naarm’s inner-north.

For more information on James’ Photography: James Henry Photography

For more information on James’ Music: James Henry Music

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
10 nov 2023

James Henry's work with students is admirable, it gives us an understanding of how important it is that a teacher can work with students at the same level without diminishing their abilities and level of study. This reminded me how in my college our teacher always tried to do and help his students with their projects, and when he could not do this for one reason or another, the students could always turn to dnp capstone writers. It is important to understand that any help is sometimes very important and useful and it makes no difference whether you are a student or a teacher.

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