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James Williams Yarns It Up On Big Brekkie

James Williams is the Municipal Emergency Management Officer at the City of Darebin. His role is to take care of any Emergencies which might occur in Darebin, EG Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Pandemic.

James states, “The big emergency we are in at the moment is a Pandemic known as Covid 19, I’m helping to set up Testing and Vaccination centres for Covid 19, and a really important job I am working on right now is to help the mob to get vaccinated.

I am going to yarn about dispelling the myths around the vaccine, particularly saying the MRNA vaccines are experimental, plus speak about the many reasons why it’s a good idea to get vaccinated, and the side effects are negligible compared to getting Covid. Darebin is first one engaging in a partnership with VAHS.

Walk in Pop up vaccination clinic for mob. Co-hosted VAHS and City of Darebin East Reservoir Senior Citizens Centre 7A Strathmerton St, Reservoir VIC 3073 Friday the 5th of November 2021 10am to 2 pm, no bookings required


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