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Jill West Supporting Aboriginal Job Seekers

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Jill West, proud Troolwoolway Bunurong woman joined Indigenous Employment Partners with a lengthy career supporting Aboriginal job seekers. IEP is shared with Reconciliation Victoria Jill has worked extensively in the Centrelink space for 13 years and is strongly committed to working alongside community organisations, developing partnerships, and building cultural capacity. Jill spoke on Big Brekkie about her role as CEO of IEP and how it is important that pathways for indigenous women in top level management are accessible to those wanting to lead, mentor and support those seeking higher education opportunities.

She believes closing Aboriginal employment and education gaps requires Aboriginal people to have a voice through employment, training, and mentoring. Standing alongside Jill is long-time friend and community partner Sara Stuart. Proud Kamilaroi woman and newly appointed CEO of CPCC. Sara is a mother of four and staunch supporter of empowering young Aboriginal women to pursue their goals, despite the adversity and challenges they face. Sara has successfully run her own health and fitness businesses, worked extensively in the recruitment sector, and supported several Aboriginal employment programs, including the federal government’s Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC) program.

In taking on the CEO role at CPCC, Sara says, “I want to create real long-term employment for our people, and I want to show corporate Australia that print manufacturing belongs here in Australia. By providing Aboriginal employment and management in printing, marketing and communications services through unique design and merchandise on a national scale I believe we can showcase how much talent, ability and professionalism our people have in these areas ”.

Board members, Directors and staff at IEP and CPCC have positively embraced the news of Jill and Sara’s appointments and IEP Director, Dennis Batty, says “the appointment of these two strong Aboriginal women as leaders strengthens our business model and supports our social mission. Sara and Jill are both change-makers and have great determination to influence the way we do business”. Both IEP and CPCC recognise the valuable leadership skills Jill and Sara bring to our respective businesses and we trust that the passion these two women have for creating positive change will lead to many more Aboriginal people gaining and retaining meaningful employment.


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