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Biripi Woman Jodi Vaughan Talks Country Music

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Jodi Vaughan’s rise to become one of the biggest names in New Zealand country music has an unusual twist. Considered a Country Music Legend from the 1980’s and beyond, Jodi was actually born in Balmain NSW and raised in Shellharbour. She originally crossed the Tasman to attend a 21st birthday party and stayed permanently. Jodi Talks to Gman.

It was by chance that the Mike Walsh Show on the NINE Network in 1983 found Jodi’s mother, who had given up Jodi and her siblings for adoption as a small child. It was on this show that she discovered her aboriginal roots, that her mother was Biripi Nation, and that she herself was raised in foster care as one of the stolen generation.

Jodi speaks of how she and her three siblings were placed separately into foster care where she endured physical and mental abuse for some months. Fortunately Jodi was moved to a loving couple in Shellharbour who encouraged her music, in which she found solace. Jodi decided to release country music independently in her homeland of Australia and wanted to know more about her Aboriginal Roots. Releasing ‘Live for Today’, ‘You Look Silly Crying’, and ‘It’s Not Always Love’ Jodi Headed to Tamworth Country Music Festival 2020 for the first time in a 50 year career in Country Music. She took with her a tour of fans from NZ who came to share Jodi’s experience of playing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Jodi was finally able to feel the pride in finally being in the Country Capital for the festival.

It was also here that one of the most emotional interviews took place, as Jodi was interviewed by the team of radio 3KND (In a temporary studio at the festival) and she met another Aboriginal radio host of Biripi Nation. There was not a dry eye in the room as Jodi talked about her life and her longing to know about her people and country. Inspired by her amazing experience at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2020, Jodi returned home to Auckland and worked with friend James Ray Still to write her new song ‘Aussie Proud’. Jodi is proud to be of Aboriginal Heritage and proud to be an Australian.

Her stunning voice and fun personality captured kiwi fans for 8 years, as she rose to become a television star on a weekly TV program and top-selling recording artist in Aotearoa. Apart from some brief promotion around the release of her platinum duet album with Brendan Dugan, ‘Fairweather Friends’, record companies never really promoted Jodi back in her home land.


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