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Joel Bray Wiradjuri Man Presents Biladurang 2.0 Live

Joel Bray is a Melbourne-based dancer and performance-maker. A proud Wiradjuri man, who trained at NAISDA and WAAPA, danced with companies in Europe and Israel and returned home to perform with CHUNKY MOVE. Joel yarns with Gman on Big Brekkie.

Joel Bray will present Biladurang 2.0 live from a hotel in Melbourne. A digital version of the multi award-winning Fringe hit loosely based on the traditional Wiradjuri story of the platypus in a confessional solo work that is physical, tender, funny and dark.

In this nowhere place Bray wrestles with Zoom to take a pause, look over his shoulder and take a good look at his life, asking: ‘Is this where I am supposed to be? Is this who I am supposed to be? What is all this? The drugs? The sex? The cigarettes?’ Biladurang is loosely based on the traditional Wiradjuri story of the platypus. It’s a story Bray grew up hearing, identifying with this mutant offspring who doesn’t seem to belong and finds himself roaming in search of a home.

If you missed out on past sold out seasons, here is your one-and-only chance to witness the live online adaption of this award-winning confessional solo. Biladurang is physical, tender, funny and dark and now...pixelated! It’s the perfect dance-theatre web-cam date. Biladurang was originally commissioned for Deadly Fringe 2017. Presented on a newly created digital platform, VCR Fest will feature an interactive digital foyer and a choose your price format payable at the end of the performance to create a unique online experience.

This three-day event will showcase the provoking, inspiring and entertaining work being made by the likes of Zoë Coombs Marr, Cry Club, Joel Bray, Marie’s Crisis and more.

His works are intimate encounters, often in unorthodox spaces, in which audiences are invited in as co-storytellers in works engaging with Australian race relations and Queer issues. His award winning performances Biladurang and Daddy have toured to the Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane, Darwin, Midsumma and Dance Massive Festivals.


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