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Julie Andrews From Hume City Council on Kool N Deadly

Julie Andrews is the Coordinator of Community Capacity Building at Hume City Council and has been working at Hume for 13 years. Julie has worked in the Indigenous space over many years. Julie speaks to Gman on Big Brekkie. Julie’s roles have included, commencing at Hume late 2007 – employed to Review Social Justice Charter (SJC) and develop SJC Action plans including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Action Plan. Hume Indigenous Advisory Committee had been formed for a few years when Julie commenced / Aboriginal people weren’t attending –her role was to engage Aboriginal community members to attend... and much more.

Hume City Council is currently inviting artists (individuals or in groups) who have a connection to Victoria to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the development of a permanent Stolen Generations Marker. This opportunity is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only and artists who identify as members of the Stolen Generations are strongly encouraged to apply.

Location of the Marker The location of the Marker has been narrowed to a shortlist of 3 sites.

Hume is also consulting the community regarding the future location of the Marker as we speak, and for full information about opportunities to participate in the consultation, please click here.

Eligibility Criteria Artists (individuals or in groups) who meet the following eligibility criteria are invited to submit an EOI:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with links to Victoria will be eligible for this project; Applicants must have a strong understanding of the themes and issues associated with the Stolen Generations; Applicants should have a current contemporary art practice and/or community art experience; and Applicants must be prepared to work with Council timelines, requirements and contractors.

Applications will be open until midnight 16 November 2020.

Hume is a diverse and vibrant community that has a large Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population as well as residents that originate form over 156 different countries– as a growth area Council there is a mix of urban and rural communities – it is the variety of the work. Local government provides opportunities to work closely with community. Whilst there is a high level of disadvantage in the community and the need is always greater than the financial and staffing resources available - the work I lead aims to advance better outcomes by providing opportunities for community members to support each other to reach their aspirations. Sometimes is overwhelming, most of the times its rewarding – particularly when you get to observe /celebrate in the achievements and success of community.


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