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Kalari Wiradjuri Woman Dhani Gilbert on Big Brekkie

Dhani Gilbert, is a proud Kalari (Lachlan River) Wiradjuri young woman who’s focused on achieving just and sustainable outcomes for First Nations Peoples, Country, community, and young people. Dhani is currently a second-year university student studying a double degree at the Australian National University and a graduate certificate at Charles Sturt University. Dhani is the Co-chair of the ACT Youth Advisory Council, a community outreach educator with the Woodlands & Wetlands Trust and working with young women in ACT schools to facilitate culturally safe learning and community connection through weaving workshops.

Dhani has a solid cultural education and has grown up involved in Caring for Country practices inclusive of seed harvesting, cultural burning, weed eradication work, native vegetation restoration and student led First Nations plant use projects. Dhani is a community driven young person passionate about doing what she can where she can to address inequality, First Nations injustice, protect our environment, empower young people, and contribute to lasting change that allows all people to thrive and flourish. Ultimately, Dhani empowers other young people to participate widely in their community, whilst also being a part of positive social change in educational spaces, cultural education and in ecological recovery actions in the ACT.

Dhani’s contributions within community has been recognised and awarded 2018 Young Canberra Citizen of the Year, 2018 ACT NAIDOC Youth of the Year, 2018 ACT NAIDOC Scholar of the Year, 2019 ACT Miss NAIDOC, 2021 ACT Young Woman of the Year, 2019 Austcover Young Landcare Leadership Award, Finalist at the 2021 National Landcare Awards, Closing Speaker at the 2021 National Landcare Conference, Member of the Landcare Youth Advisory Group.

• Winner - 2019 Austcover ACT Young Landcare Leader Award • Finalist - 2021 National Landcare Awards on Thursday 5 August, 2021 • Closing Speaker – at the 2021 National Landcare Conference • Member of the Landcare Youth Advisory Group

About the Austcover Young Landcare Leader Award The Young Landcare Leadership Award acknowledges an individual or a youth group* between the ages of 15 - 35 years who promote excellence in landcare through on-ground projects and/or awareness raising activities.

Who can be Nominated Nominations are open to an individual or youth group who can demonstrate their capacity to lead and encourage the wider community to engage and participate in managing the environment and natural resources in their local area.

Selection Criteria:

1. Describe the individual or youth group that is being nominated. Please include how long they have been involved, why they got involved and the location of the project. 2. Describe how the individual or youth group has displayed leadership and excellence in landcare practices and how they have encouraged others (particularly their peers) in promoting or implementing activities that improve natural resource management outcomes; (e.g. school visitation programs, training workshops, media promotions, creating partnerships with groups, involving councils, working with landholders, Indigenous Land managers, local businesses and natural resource management organisations etc.)

3. Describe what the nominee has done to communicate environmental and natural resource management issues, or raised awareness about landcare to a wider audience (e.g. use of media and social media, events, speeches or presentations, posters, letters etc.); include any key challenges the nominee has faced and the strategies used to overcome them.

4. In 25 words (2-3 sentences), please summarise your nomination, highlighting the key messages that best describe why this nominee should be recognised for outstanding achievements to landcare.

*The majority of the group’s membership must be between the 18-35-year age range.

Landcare Conference 2021 / Landcare Week / August 2 - 6

Author, filmmaker and Indigenous fire practitioner, Victor Steffensen will lead a panel on integrating Indigenous perspectives for better land management, and the benefits cultural burn methods can bring for Landcare groups, landowners and farmers. The Cultural Land Management panel has been scheduled at a very special time of Friday afternoon to close the conference along with young Landcare leader and Kalari Wiradjjuri woman, Dhani Gilbert.

With over 60 speakers from across the country, this free online conference is an opportunity for all Australians to learn more about Landcare and how they can get involved in their local community to care for their local environment.

Landcare ambassador and conference MC Costa Georgiadis, is excited to be part of this opportunity for the Landcare community to come together.

“The National Landcare Conference is a timely opportunity for people interested sustainable land management and conservation activities on their farm or land, in an urban environment, along the coast or in their backyard, to come together to share ideas and experiences in an inspiring forum,” said the Landcare Champion.

“Landcare has never been more important and relevant as we manage and plan for the future during uncertain times. It really is an honour to MC this event and I look forward to talking to all the speakers and delegates online. “

All speakers will live streamed and recorded, and include a hugely diverse range of topics. From mental health and wellbeing; bushfire recovery and resilience; to empowering rural women and meeting the challenges of climate change and much more. Special guest speakers participating include former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson who will deliver the keynote address; Indigenous activist and climate action campaigner Dhani Gilbert, ANU scientist and academic Professor David Lindenmayer.

A highlight of the conference program is the 2021 National Landcare Awards to celebrate the 69 finalists from the 2019 State & Territory Landcare Awards, where winners of the nine National Landcare Awards categories will be announced. The winners of the Bob Hawke Landcare Award and the General Jeffery Soil Health Award will also be announced. Do something this Landcare Week and get connected to Landcarers across the country with the National Landcare Conference & Awards and be inspired to do something in your community.

For more information about the conference program and to register please visit


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