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Kerri-Anne Spanko spoke on 3KND about food allergies and what to look out for

Kerri-Ann Spanko is a Business Development Manager at Thermomix, based in Sydney. Her son, Riley, has had several food allergies and intolerances since he was born. When he as a baby, she sought help at the RPA Allergy Clinic, where she learnt the ins and outs of allergy aware cooking (and shopping!). Kerri-Ann speaks on 3KND about food allergies and what to look out for. Kerri-Ann had to start making everything from scratch to ensure it was safe for Riley to eat - which was extremely time-consuming. She had a turning point when she bought a Thermomix to help her cook from scratch quickly and easily. She was saving time and money, and also cooking more creatively for her family. This also led her to join Thermomix as a consultant.

The challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis have led Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia to change awareness raising activities planned for Food Allergy Week in 2020. Food Allergy Week is an Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia initiative which was launched in May in 2003. We are thankful to the many individuals and organisations that have supported our awareness raising activities over the years. As stated in late March, we will not be progressing with an extensive awareness raising campaign through the general media this year. Despite this, we will continue to raise awareness of food allergy management in the best way we can during Food Allergy Week, as we do throughout the year.


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