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Kev Starkey returns to 3KND to Yarn about his New Song 'Together We Stand'

Kev Starkey is Proud of his Aboriginal ancestry. I've been playing guitar for over 30 years mostly to my wife and family also the occasional open mic night at the local pub. Kev returns to 3KND to yarn up his new song called, “Together We Stand”. Together We Stand is a collaborative cross regional art project developed by 10 First Nations creatives to keep connected and creating during COVID. Artists participating in the project : Anita Morena, Cholena Drew Hughes, Delvene Cockatoo-Collins Art, Jandamarra Cadd, Jason Murphy, Julianne Laidlow, Kev Starkey, Melissa Stanard, Peter Joachim Hughes and Wendy Rix.

The project involves a number of stages: - Printmaker Cholena Drew Hughes will create a large cyanotype 'background' which is divided into pieces and posted to 8 other artists across the SEQN region (Gympie, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Somerset, Redlands) - Each artist then responds by adding their own artwork / creative contributions to the piece. - The individual peices are then returned to Cholena to become part of one large collaborative work - Uncle Kev Starkey is writing a music piece in response to conversations with each of the artists and the works they are creating - All artists will be documenting their process, reflections and practice on this event page so you can follow their journey - At the completion of the project all artist will come together with Blaklash Creative as part of a facilitated artist talk to share their reflections on the project as part of this event.

This project is an initiative of SEQN First Nations Artist Collective supported by Creative Arts Alliance as part of our delivery of Regional Arts Services Network - RASN and with funding from Access Arts and Moreton Bay Regional Council SEQN First Nations Artists Collective are First Nations artists from and/or living on Kabi Kabi, Wakka Wakka, Butchulla, Jinnaburra, Quandamooka, Turrbal and Jagera Country I hope this information is helpful, I feel it sums the entire project. We are currently looking at a stop start presentation of the progressive work but not the finished project in the presentation.

I was prompted to get up and play once. I think they may have created a monster. To be honest,to get the chance to play with the musos of the Woopi area (Woolgoolga) truly inspired me and got me motivated. People have told me over the years i should share my music, as most musicians will tell you, self doubt is the biggest wall, which I finally climbed. So here are three pieces that I selected which I feel show that I can be versatile and address a number of different tastes. I hope those who listen to my music like what they hear and would like to hear more.


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