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KHT Celebrates Koorie Krismas at Federation Square.

Psttt…. Someone magical and deadly visited KHT & Fed Square

Yes, Koorie Klaus made an appearance to celebrate the festive season!

3KND were broadcasting from Korrie Krismas, and what a day it was. Even with the rain.

And what a huge line up of performances:

The performers included: Djirri Djirri Dancers, comedians Corey Saylor Brunskill, Aden Hitchins and Janty Blair, musical duo Phil and Trudy Edgeley, drag artist Cerulean, First Nations Calisthenics Club, Kristal West, the acclaimed Dave Arden & Band, The Merindas and hosted by Kimmie Lovegrove.

The Krismas market stall holders include: Amber Days, Cameron Benson, Clothing the Gaps, Haus of Dizzy, Kevin Williams Art Gallery, Marbeangrook Designs, Kinya Lerrk Pty Ltd, Art by Bronwyn David, Tigsart, Blak Queens, Emma Stenhouse Art, by MHJ, Deadly Wears, Morgan’s Art & Such, Chic n Co Design, Woven Culture, Jazzyskye Designs, Gardening on Country, Janet Galpin, Luruk-In, Karroongcraft, Patsy Doolan, Uncle Eric Brown.


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