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Kutcha Edwards Promotes Live Show And New Album

Kutcha Edwards is a proud Mutti Mutti, Yorta Yorta, Nari Nari man, a Songman, a dedicated advocate for Aboriginal people and a multi award winning singer/songwriter. Kutcha states, “They come through me from my ancestors and my people … and they tell our stories.” Kutcha is my special guest in studio to yarn about performing this Friday live at the Brunswick Ballroom from at 5.30pm. Kutcha will be joined by his band featuring Scott Wilson, Siwei Wong and Cat Canteri.

Kutcha has produced several collaborative and solo albums, performed and toured extensively and written 3 musical theatre pieces. Of late he has co-created the web series ‘Kutcha’s Carpool Koorioke’ and he has just released his latest album ‘Circling Time’ which was recorded predominantly during Victoria’s 2020/2021 Covid Lockdowns. ‘Circling Time’ is superbly soulful, thought provoking and a truly beautiful tribute to love, loss, family and friendships. This is Kutcha’s 5th solo album adding to the continuum of his Songline.

Kutcha’s latest musical theatre show ‘Circling Time – Songs & Stories’ features songs from the new album and was selected for presentation at Showcase Victoria. The show was very well received with its combination of songs, stories and beautiful projections and touring is scheduled to begin in early 2022. Having recently been awarded an Australia Arts Council Fellowship, Kutcha will spend time over the next year in an artistically and culturally enriching pursuit seeing him travelling to other Aboriginal communities, enriching established connections and forging new relationships with other Aboriginal Songmen.

Kutcha’s life’s journey is one of heartbreaking, forced separation from his family with the myriad of ongoing consequences including personal, family, community and intergenerational trauma. Kutcha’s ability to convey both his own and his community’s experiences through songs, stories, poignancy and humour is his unique gift of truth telling to us all. Kutcha’s aim in both his performances and other engagements is to ‘drop a pebble in a pond and watch the ripples radiate’ out towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture, lore and challenges in today’s world. As the Songman that he is Kutcha is dedicated to this pursuit.

The Brunswick Artists' Bar and Brunswick Ballroom will be operating under the Victorian State Government vaccination mandate. Therefore, as outlined in the Victorian Roadmap, only patrons, staff and artists who are double vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to enter the venue. Customers are required to check-in via the Service Victoria App with a valid Vaccination certificate as they enter the venue.


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