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Kutcha Edwards Yarns About Share The Spirit And Survival Day

Kutcha Edwards, is a Mutti Mutti, Yorta Yorta, Nari Nari man. Kutcha was born in 1965 near the Murrumbidgee River in Balranald, New South Wales, the ninth youngest of Mary and Nugget Edwards’ 12 children. He is one of the Stolen Generations, removed, along with 5 of his siblings, from his family when he was 18 months old. Kutcha is an award winning singer/songwriter and advocate for his people, forges the renewal of his ancient Songline in this modern era. Uncle Kutcha Edwards returns to Big Brekkie to yarn about Share the Spirit Festival on Survival Day Jan.26th.

Share the Spirit is a community-based festival that celebrates the survival of First Nations people in Australia held on January 26 – Survival Day.

Created by Songlines Aboriginal Music in 2003, and growing stronger and stronger every year, Share the Spirit is an important cultural gathering for local and regional communities. It presents a reminder to all Australians that, despite the many great accomplishments Australia has achieved as a nation, Nationhood has come at a cost to the country’s First Nations people. The festival is a diverse showcase of First Nations music, art, craft and culture, and 2022’s stellar line-up is not to be missed. Christine Anu, Dan Sultan, Uncle Kutcha Edwards, Bumpy Hip Hop Showcase featuring: Philly, Bricky B, Miss Hood and Soju Gang.

We are also excited to welcome back our market stalls after a year without them because of the pandemic. Share the Spirit is a free, non-ticketed event that is drug and alcohol free. As with every Songlines event, we invite all to attend and offer a safe space for everyone. We look forward to Sharing the Spirit with you all! Event partners include Arts Centre Melbourne and City of Melbourne.

Kutcha’s musical career began in 1991 generating the release of several collaborative works plus 5 solo albums. He has performed and toured extensively, co-created the star studded web series ‘Kutcha’s Koorioke’ with series two in production and written 4 musical theatre pieces, the latest of which will tour Victoria in mid-2022.

This year Kutcha released his latest album ‘Circling Time’, which was reviewed in Rhythms Magazine as “a magnificent, life affirming triumph and Kutcha is quite possibly the finest contemporary Indigenous singer of his generation”. ‘Circling Time’ is soulful and thought provoking as well as being a truly beautiful tribute to love, loss, family and friendships. It also highlights the evolving magnificence of Kutcha’s voice.

Kutcha’s personal journey is one of heartbreaking, forced separation from his family with the myriad of ongoing consequences of personal, family, community and inter-generational trauma. His life’s work, through songwriting, musical performances, film and theatre, plus a diverse range of public presentations, is to ‘drop a pebble in a pond and watch the ripples radiate’. Kutcha’s ability to express his message through songs, stories, poignancy and humour is his unique gift of truth telling to us all.


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