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Land for Nalderun, a time for healing.

Dja Dja Elder and cultural educator Uncle Ricky Nelson joined Kirstyn Lindsay on Balit Dhumba to talk country and his dream to purchase land, home to sacred sites originally occupied by his Djarra people.

Uncle Ricky leads healing programs for boys and men at Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation, a Dja Dja Wurrung word for 'All Together.'

The co-op provides some great services and support for the community on country around Castlemaine and they are in the final stages of crowdfunding for land that they will use to heal their children and community and sustain as a living cultural site and education centre.

The land is home to Me-Mandook Galk (Grandmother Tree), grinding stones and mounds.

Uncle Ricky shares his story of country and connection and explains in detail in this Balit Dhumba podcast more on the landscape and the sites discovered.

He says it's really important to connect to the country, to heal each other and heal country, heal ourselves.

"It is unfortunate that we do have to raise money to buy some of our own land back, in the first instance it's what we've got to do right now,' he says 'we couldn't wait a couple of years for Treaty to come through and see what comes from that, we didn't have that time."

The support from the broader community has been a wonderful example of the power of community and Uncle Ricky is happy that so many people have come together to make this dream a possibility.

"Time goes by really quickly,' he says' your kids get older and become adults, we get older. We had to sort of move when we got the chance."

If you would like to support the Mamunya - Friends of Nalderun campaign Land for Nalderun-Me Mandook Galk crowdfunder here's the link.

Photo on cover: Uncle Ricky Nelson and Me-Mandook Galk Grandmother Tree

Darren Howe Bendigo Advertiser 15 April 2021.

Crowdfunder and Treaty Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation

Produced by Kirstyn Lindsay for 3KND.


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