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Lauren Briggs Using Visual Literacy to Highlight Plastic Pollution with "LITTLE PAGO"

Lauren Briggs is an illustrator, storyteller and children’s picture book maker from Sydney, Australia. As a young child, Lauren grew up with a love of animals and nature, reading and storytelling. Her early years were spent climbing trees with her two sisters and using their combined imagination to create wonderful games played outdoors. Living in Australia provided an exciting landscape to develop her skills in the visual arts. Lauren received a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications from UTS with a specialisation in illustration, design and photography. During this four-year degree she was selected to study at St Martins College of Art and Design in London. It was here that she was first introduced to the art of etching and printmaking. Following her studies, Lauren worked in design and photography in London, and started her own design business in Sydney.

Lauren’s passion for stories and children’s picture books propelled her to create her first published children’s picture book, Stories for Simon, written by her friend Lisa Sarzin. Published by Random House Australia in 2015 and endorsed by Adam Goodes (Australian of the Year 2014), Stories for Simon has had a significant educational impact in the area of reconciliation.

“I love using picture books as the vehicle to explore and share ideas about important social issues.” Lauren’s second book, Little Pago, published by Boolarong Press (released 1 September 2021) uses visual literacy and an emotive and relevant narrative to highlight the detrimental impact plastic pollution is having on our marine life.


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