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Lidia Thorpe tells us why Indigenous children need to represented by Amnesty International Australia

Lidia Thorpe is a proud and staunch Gunnai - Gunditjmara woman and she is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal advocates. The newly appointed Greens Senator has has carved her way to be a great leader with experience spanning three decades. Before her role as Senator Lidia Thorpe was Amnesty International Australia’s Indigenous Rights Lead. Her important work in this role highlighted the human rights injustices that Australia's First Nations peoples on a daily basis. 'Indigenous children make up one in 15 kids in Australia, and half of all children in Australia’s youth detention centers. By locking away children and separating them from their families and communities, our governments are placing limits on children’s potential and traumatising them and causing life-long harm. In this podcast Natasha Ferre yarns with Lidia to understand what some of these Human Rights Violations that our First Nations Peoples are and the impact it has on community. In this interview Lidia explains solutions and how you can be a part of much needed change through Amnesty International Australia


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