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Lionel Austin Talks about Supporting Our Seniors and Elders

Lionel Austin, Manager of the Preventative Health Unit at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) outlines VAHS focus on physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, family and financial wellbeing. The service helps to address issues with fines and Centrelink, as well as gambling. Lionel yarns with Gman on 3KND about support for mob over 50 in this COVID-19 space. The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) was established in 1973 to address the specific medical needs of Victorian indigenous communities.

The organisation has expanded steadily over past 40 years to provide a comprehensive range of medical, dental and social services for our community. As well as providing a variety of medical services, VAHS is committed to supporting the well-being of the community through contributions to community events and activities. VAHS is also committed to assisting research into the ongoing needs of the community. Our website is designed to provide information about the services and events offered by VAHS, as well as document the history, significance and ongoing development of the organisation.

VAHS phone numbers Fitzroy – 9419 3000 Epping – 8592 3920 Preston – 9403 3300


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