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Lisa DeFazio discusses her role as President of Rotary Club in Preston

Lisa Defazio grew up in multicultural Thomastown. Lisa went to the local trade school in Lalor but was almost expelled until she discovered her love for sewing and art, and had some great teachers. Lisa speaks to Gman about her role as President of Rotary in Preston and what role Rotary is providing during COVID-19. Lisa Spent the majority of her working life as a clothing designer, children's wear, formal bridal. Lisa now works in Communication design ( Graphic Design).

In the past, Lisa volunteered for the Mc Killop Foundation as an arts facilitator, Raising funds for the Neo-Natal unit for the Royal Children's Hospital and Lisa currently President for the Rotary Club of Preston. My hobbies include writing, acting, and looking at the effect art has on communities. Welcome to the Rotary Club of Preston, serving the City of Darebin community, promoting peace, recognising diversity, supporting education for all, providing resources to those for whom the basics of daily life are not guaranteed.


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