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Loui at DEADLY PODCAST. Supporting and entertaining mob all over Australia

Our guest on the Standing Strong Together is an amazing woman doing some really exciting things in community. Louie is a proud Gungarri woman and is a social worker, a mother, a musician and a deadly host of an awesome initiative

Loui is the founder and host of Deadly Podcasts which is a podcast for the people that aims to empower, inspire and motivate our people to reach their full potential. During the COVID lock down the Deadly Podcast have supported and entertained mob all over Australia with guests such as Healers, Musicians, Artist and sports hero's to name a few. Deadly Podcast provides a platform to share our story’s, dreams, hopes and achievements. This becomes a storytelling process (narrative therapy) and assist in the healing process.

Sharing our stories with each other give people hope and lets us know we are not alone in the world. Ultimately keeping culture alive and people connected. Natasha Ferre had a yarn up with Loui about her work as a Social Worker, how healing music is, the importance of culture and what Deadly Podcasts is all about.


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